Batch PMS software convinces in modernization of production of animal feed manufacturer Fat Hens

The animal feed manufacturer Fat Hens, based in Tanta, Egypt, had set itself the goal of modernizing its obsolete batching systems with ProBatch+ recipe management software and X5 weighing controllers in their production lines, thereby increasing efficiency, production output and data security.

Key facts

Two mixer lines with outdated weighing and dosing systems needed to be modernized. The installation of the new systems, as well as the recommissioning of the blending lines, had to be completed within 48 hours, while maintaining production and avoiding interruption of production. Minebea Intec’s Egyptian partner “ACE Corporation” supported the customer and accompanied the project from the initial inquiry to commissioning.

Application & Product

Recipe-based batch production of pellet feed with automated processes for weighing, mixing and dosing.


Customer benefits

  • Optimal control of weighing and batching processes
  • increases production efficiency Quick overview of current production status and important process parameters
  • Simple operation increases operating safety and production output
  • Comprehensive recipe management ensures a uniform product standard and the ability to easily fulfill customer-specific production orders

“The system is very good and user-friendly,” was Fat Hens’feedback.”

Ramy Osman Azzam

Managing Director of ACE

Growing demand in the expanding feed market requires maximum production capacity and reliability. A critical part of Fat Hens’ production lines were the outdated dosing systems, with each line equipped with its own dosing system. Fat Hens set itself the goal of modernizing the outdated dosing systems to ensure long-term production readiness, while at the same time optimizing the system architecture to increase efficiency, production output and data security.

Minebea Intec’s modernization concept and solution convinced the customer. As part of this modernization, the two outdated dosing systems, consisting of old X5 weighing controllers and ProBatch+ recipe software, were successfully replaced by the successor products Maxxis 5 weighing controllers and the batch management software BatchPMS. The functionality of the old recipe software and the production lines was successfully migrated to the new BatchPMS software. The new system architecture is now based on one common batch management software for both production lines, making it leaner and more efficient. This approach reduces maintenance while simplifying operation and providing maximum system performance and flexibility, benefiting overall productivity.

BatchPMS software controls batching of raw materials with high precision
The entire manufacturing process – such as the batching of raw materials from the storage silos into the mixers equipped with weighing technology – is controlled by the BatchPMS software. The batch management software also controls the processing of the raw materials into feed mixtures. The integrated recipe management module of the BatchPMS software is used here, in which all recipes for the feed mixtures are created and managed. For customer-specific product requirements, recipes can be quickly and easily customized and created thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface. The processing of the recipes via production orders is also monitored and controlled by the BatchPMS.

Smart visualization enables quick overview Here, the software from Minebea Intec scores with strong advantages, such as the integrated process visualization module, which can be used, for example, to visualize simple but also complex production processes. This feature provides the customer with a quick overview of the current status of the production processes as well as important process parameters. Warning and error messages are also visualized so that the customer can quickly locate and process them to ensure a smooth production process.

High data security and production performance

With its integrated backup functionality, the BatchPMS software also scores points in terms of high data security and plant availability. This ensures minimum production downtimes and optimized production performance. Not only the customer was satisfied - Minebea Intec’s partner company was also happy after the project: “BatchPMS proved to be an ideal solution, not least because of its reliable performance and excellent user experience. We are sure that this will not be the last project with the batch management software and we are already looking forward to the next one.” says Ramy Osman Azzam, Managing Director of ACE.


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