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Minebea Intec expands scale and inspection portfolio with innovative solutions for the plastics processing industry

Minebea Intec is one of the leading suppliers of industrial weighing and inspection technology. For decades, Minebea Intec's products have ensured optimum product quality and efficiency for production plants. The latest product developments are specially designed to meet the challenges of the plastics processing industry: they score points with strong innovations that are likely to be of particular interest to operators of injection molding systems.

The internationally positioned company has more than 150 years of expertise in its various business areas and, with its broad portfolio, ensures that process and packaging systems for a wide variety of industries are optimally served. The products can be used in many different ways: metal detectors detect foreign objects, checkweighers ensure quality and completeness, static scales count the goods, while software tools provide an overview of the entire production chain and point out optimization potential and possible sources of error. With the WK+ checkweigher and the Vistus RS foreign object detection device, Minebea Intec is currently presenting new solutions that have been specially designed to meet the challenges posed by injection moulds in the plastics processing industry.

WK+ checkweigher: Fully automatic, high-precision and space-saving

The new WK+ checkweigher was originally developed from a custom-made product in cooperation with a customer who was looking for a solution for the quality and completeness control of plastic parts after production in the injection moulding machine. The WK+ ensures this 100% - despite strong temperature fluctuations, draughts or the danger of electrostatic charging, which can influence the inspection result.

With the WK+ checkweigher, Minebea Intec has solved all these problems. On the one hand, the WK+ scores with a wide product temperature range: The parts to be weighed can be weighed at a product temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius. At the same time, draughts are effectively eliminated by the protective hoods attached to the sides. For a reliable, fast weight and completeness check, the dynamic checkweigher WK+ offers fully automatic, trouble-free weighing and sorting in stop-and-go mode. High-precision weighing with EMC-technology also ensures that reference weights are maintained and that additional consumption of granulate and energy is avoided.

Vistus RS: Precise inspection performance in a minimum of space

In addition, Minebea Intec complements its range with the new Vistus RS foreign object detector, which, thanks to its low installation height, detects metallic foreign objects even in the smallest of spaces when processing plastic particles. The Vistus RS is used, for example, to inspect finished moulded parts for foreign bodies. The free-fall metal detector offers maximum product safety through maximum detection sensitivity and also scores with its exceptional compactness. With this innovation, Minebea Intec rounds off its portfolio for the plastics processing industry. 

Production at a glance with SPC@Enterprise

In addition to the new products, Minebea Intec offers the optimal software for process control: With programs such as the powerful SPC@Enterprise, Minebea Intec offers a comprehensive, user-friendly complete solution for analytics and process control. The software collects data from a variety of devices and systems along the production line. Professionally evaluated, they enable dynamic, HACCP-compliant process control in addition to classic fill quantity control. The result: constant product quality and optimized profitability.

Further product offers and live events

However, Minebea Intec's broad product portfolio offers even more solutions for the plastics industry. The inspection technologies are completed by X-ray equipment, which can not only detect foreign objects, but also perform completeness checks, product damage detection or mass determination. In exactly the same way, static scales can help to ensure that weighing, counting and control processes can be mapped at the highest level in production. With its wide range of static scales, foreign object detectors, checkweighers, software and other products, Minebea Intec is ideally positioned to support the plastics industry as an expert in weighing and inspection challenges.

At the forthcoming trade fairs such as FachPack in Nuremberg or the PPMA Total Show in Birmingham, interested visitors will be able to get a first impression of the entire product portfolio and in particular of the new products for the plastics industry.

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