Weighing Review Awards: Minebea Intec wins four of the coveted prizes

Last year, Minebea Intec was successful at the Readers' Choice Awards. This year, the company confirmed its strong standing in the weighing industry: Minebea Intec was able to to better the vote over it’s international competitors several times in the international online platform „Weighing Review“: Four products secured first place and the title "Best Weighing Company" award is also within reach.

Weighing Review's Readers' Choice Awards are a special kind of benchmark for suppliers of industrial weighing systems. In a total of 18 categories relating to weighing, the aim is to win the votes of readers. The competition is tough: In addition to international stars, there are also new players on board who want to prove themselves. In the end, whoever gets the most votes wins. This time Minebea Intec was able to confirm the very good result of the previous year. "The awards are an indication of our good development work, both at product and company level," says Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Strategy, Business Development & Marketing. "Our Combics, for example, defended its title as the best industrial scale this year. The readers also appreciate new products like our Novego, which won the award for best load cell. This shows that we are still on the right track with our work".

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company produces weighing and inspection solutions for a wide range of applications worldwide and has received several awards in the past year. Not only did the products perform well this year, but the brand name has also established itself among readers: While last year Minebea Intec took third place in the "Best Weighing Companies", this year the company was able to secure second place. So is an award for the best supplier in 2020 already predestined? "In 2019, we will launch several new products that will strengthen our position as one of the leading suppliers of weighing technology and we will also further consolidate inspection solutions. This will improve our chances of becoming number one." comments Metzger the trend sportsman-like. All awards won at a glance:

At you will find all participants and winners of the current Readers' Choice Awards of the Weighing Review.

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