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Weighing Review Awards: Minebea Intec convinces with new products

The established products of Minebea Intec have usually scored well at the Weighing Review Awards, but this year the new products also confirmed the manufacturer's strong reputation with customers: The company won multiple awards at the coveted awards of the international online platform "Weighing Review": no less than four products secured first place, including the recently launched Puro industrial scale.

Weighing Review's Readers' Choice Awards are a new challenge every year: in a total of 20 categories related to weighing, the aim is to win over the votes of the readers. The competition is tough: in addition to international players, new companies are also on board vying to prove themselves. This year Minebea Intec strived to confirm the good results of previous years but above all to win votes with new products. "Our awards are clear proof that we put the customer at the centre of our developments," says Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Strategy, Business Development & Marketing, ranking the results. "Above all, we are happy that our new Puro has been awarded as the best industrial scale: this proves that we are still on the right track."

The company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, produces weighing and inspection solutions for a wide range of applications worldwide and has won votes in recent years with great products - and consolidated its international standing with four winning titles.

However, there was one small flaw: unfortunately, the company was denied the title of "Best Weighing Company". Will this change next year? We think it may. The new digital services that the company is currently launching on the market, such as the innovative virtual showrooms: "With the virtual showrooms, we have created a completely new digital format for our customers and partners: for the first time in our market environment, we are offering the opportunity to have a virtual product presentation given live and online, and to clarify all questions with the experts as if they were right there. Completely independent of an event, but as a standard offer for customers, partners and interested parties." For Metzger, the increased demand for digital solutions even opens up new opportunities at the awards. "Who knows, maybe a new award category of the 'Best Digital Offer' would be an interesting idea," says Metzger with a smile.

At you will find all participants and winners of the current Readers' Choice Awards of the Weighing Review.

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