Mobile and precise weighing solution

High-resolution platform scale for precise counting and weighing in the clean room

Use of Combics 3 for precise counting and weighing in the clean room

Key facts

A pharmaceutical manufacturer tasked Sartorius Croatia to produce a mobile scale for an application in granulation production process.

The main goal was to achieve precise measuring results for a large number of different products.

Application & Product

A high resolution platform for precise results was combined with an indicator for accurate counting and weighing in a clean room. The weighing solution was combined with wheels and batteries for mobile and flexible operation.

  • ISEDE64-H 64kg/0,1g weighing platform for accurate measuring

Customer benefits

  • Precise weighing results
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Battery operation up to 24h
  • Compact design for easy operation and space saving

"With this combination of the highly precise weighing solution IS-Platform (ISEDE64-H) and the matching indicator Combics 3, we received a perfect mobile weighing solution. This flexible solution not only saves space, but also grants us the possibility for easy upgrades."

Ivica Granic
CEO Sartorius Croatia

For an existing production facility and due to the increased granulation capacities, the customer needed a mobile scale, specifically designed for clean areas which are used for weighin semi-finished products , waste and other products.

The focus was on a high-precision scale since the customer wanted to cover a large range of products, from single tablets up to whole batches. For this demand, the partner combined the Minebea Intec scale consisting of a Combics 3 indicator and an IS64EDE-H platform using the EMFC (electro magnic force compensation technology with a resolution of 0,1g to ensure accuracy throughout the range. Furthermore, the unit has a wide number of applications that make it both flexible and future-proof.

The customer further needed to save products with a predefined tare of containers in production – a requirement which was perfectly met with the Combics Indicator The scale with a comprehensive range of interfaces also met a requirement a plan the customer had: To connect the mobile scale to an internal network via ethernet port for production control in the future.

To ensure high precision weighing, the mobile scale is equipped with levelling legs and locking casters. The integrated batteries ensure operating hours of the mobile scale for 24 hours in heavy duty environment.

The design of the mobile scale is user-oriented - so the operator has easy access to every part of the equipment and is able to change it in no time. For easy operation in the building, the partner installed 10 cm wheels in combination with a large handle so the scale can be operated in small rooms without problems.

The greatest advantage of this solution is the space-saving factor as well as reduced service and maintenance costs since the mobile scale can substitute several floor scales.



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