The mounting kits of the PR 6144 range are particularly designed for the high requirements of earth quake risk areas and therefore

guarantee maximum security, even at extreme high lateral forces.

  • For load cell capacities of 50 t to 520 t
  • Designed to compensate extreme high side and lift-off forces
  • Integrated lift-off protection and supplied with load cell dummy

The design of the mounting kits in combination with the correct alignment allows tilting of the load cells caused by thermal or mechanical expansion or contraction of the silo or its supporting construction. Thus the risk of errors caused by these movements is minimized.
The provided dummy allows an easy and fast installation even without the load cell. The load cell will be installed, if the rough work has been finished. Damages of the load cell caused by overload or welding currents can be avoided.
These mounting kits are delivered with a generously dimensioned lift-off protection.