Customised solutions

Minebea Intec will provide you with the ideal solution for your application. Our Engineering Team will support you through every step of this process. From advice on choosing the right weighing or inspection solution for your application, to producing a customised product, through to design-in, our team will be on hand to assist you. What’s more, our software solutions give you the chance to increase your efficiency and output.

Consultancy services

We help customers choose the optimal products or solutions with regard to accuracy, cost and the desired performance. Our recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of the production plant and detailed clarification of the requirements. Minebea Intec’s employees combine an in-depth understanding of different logistics, production and packaging processes with comprehensive product knowledge, allowing them to provide the best support possible.

Design-in support

We help you integrate our products and solutions into your equipment, systems or production lines – both from a mechanical and a data technology perspective.


We provide comprehensive engineering support for our software solutions for statistical process control (SPC@Enterprise) and for formulation and dosing (ProRecipe XT®): from choosing the optimal solution and configuration and, if required, customisation, through to cooperating with the IT department to implementing the software into existing network structures with corresponding protocols. It is also possible to integrate products from other brands.


Minebea Intec offers a comprehensive service portfolio to its customers around the world. Our well-organized processes, modern technologies and service-oriented approach enable us to provide our efficient maintenance and repair service quickly and competently. Customers can choose from five different service levels, specifically tailored to their individual requirements.

Customised solutions for diverse applications

  • Checkweigher WK+
  • Checkweigher Flexus
  • Checkweigher EWK
  • BP: Mixaco
  • Load cells

Checkweigher WK+

Example: Reliable check weighing despite disruptive influences

The checkweigher WK+ is a perfect example of how Minebea Intec utilises its expertise to produce tailored weighing and inspection solutions for a range of industries. The WK+ originated as a custom-made product for a customer in the plastics industry. In production, disruptive factors such as temperature fluctuations or electrostatic charges can affect the weighing result. The checkweigher combines practical features, such as a shielding cap to protect against draughts and an ioniser for minimising charge, with high-precision and reliable weighing.

Checkweigher Flexus

Example: High-speed weighing in restricted space

A customer from the food industry required a high-speed checkweigher for weighing unpacked bars. The inspection solution also needed to have the option of retrofitting a metal detector. Minebea Intec developed a dual-track version of the checkweigher Flexus to meet these requirements. The checkweigher Flexus Combi can also be retrofitted with a metal detector, thus enabling check weighing and foreign-body detection in restricted space.

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Checkweigher EWK

Example: Checkweigher EWK: High-precision weighing thanks to EMFC technology

The checkweigher EWK is equipped with an EMFC load cell and therefore provides a tailored solution for almost any application. This not only means the end-of-line weighing solution can be used for various weight ranges, but belt widths and heights can also be adjusted to meet requirements too. If required, the operator terminal can be set up separately or installed on a control cabinet. There is also a hygienic design version of the checkweigher available, and it can also be equipped with Vistus metal detection technology.

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BP: Mixaco

Example: Ensuring precision and quality for a versatile dosing station with two weighing points

One of Minebea Intec’s partners developed a dosing station for a customer, which combines the manufacturer’s precise weighing technology with an effective and pragmatic approach. The dosing station meets the customers wishes to be able to dose smaller quantities with a bench scale and also to reliably weigh a mixing container using a platform scale that is integrated into the dosing station. The stations are used in a wide range of industries and ensure accurate and fast weighing results.

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Load cells

Example: Load cells for any application

Minebea Intec load cells are suitable for almost any application thanks to the wide range of models and designs available. For example, we offer special Ex versions for weighing in potentially explosive atmospheres. For the food and pharmaceutical industries, there are load cells that were developed according to hygienic design requirements and that are particularly insensitive to transverse forces. Harsh environmental conditions or unfavourable installation requirements, such as sloped surfaces or low ceiling heights, are also no problem, thanks to various coatings, space-saving models and individually adjustable mounting kits.

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