Nick Parsons: New CSO gives a glimpse into the future

With Nick Parsons, a long-standing leader is taking over the management of the Sales Division at Minebea Intec. He has identified some ambitious goals for the company, the achievement of which will require the joint efforts of all divisions. Despite the current difficult situation, the new Chief Sales Officer also sees many opportunities to stand out from the competition.

For more than 23 years, the name Nick Parsons has been closely associated with Minebea Intec. He has been Deputy CSO since 2017 and has now taken over from his predecessor Peter Steiner. In his new position, Parsons will take over responsibility for the sales and service area and strategically advance the area for the future. His many years of expertise in various areas are a decisive advantage in this regard.

The magic word "alignment": How the networking of areas promotes profit

His previous role was based on the supporting processes for sales, service and R&D, and Parsons also looked after the product strategy for the coming years. He also had responsibility for the Minebea Intec Academy, which has grown in popularity recently. Such versatility and close integration of sales, product management and marketing expertise pays off, according to research from England: According to a study by Forrester Research, companies that have a strong connection between these areas show 19 per cent more revenue growth and 15 per cent more profitability.[i]

Nick Parsons' goals are clear: "As CSO, it's not just about establishing a sales and marketing strategy to achieve our company goals. Our customers are the focus of all our efforts: strong business relationships with our customers, industry decision-makers and our partners must therefore also be developed further."

To achieve its goals, Minebea Intec faces a challenge not only from Covid 19. "When we look back in the past and see the pace of technological development today, the world of IoT, digitalisation and the use of modern technological communication, augmented reality and machine learning, it is clear to see that "tomorrow" will come much sooner than we think! " Parsons said of the advancement of current technologies. "The weighing industry will need to keep pace, and while the core sensor parts of our products are unlikely to evolve as quickly, the need for suitable equipment to connect to this new world will be vital for Minebea Intec's survival and help to lead the way in these developments." He sees  Minebea Intec on a good path in this regard, which has several advantages over the competition.

How customers help Minebea Intec to ensure highest quality day to day

As an independent business unit of MinebeaMitsumi, Minebea Intec benefits from the expanded possibilities offered by the parent company: the company, which is headquartered in Hamburg, has a clear advantage over the competition, especially when it comes to synergies in the use of production capacities and the exchange of know-how.

In addition, Minebea Intec has a comprehensive portfolio. The combination of load cells, matching weighing electronics and a wide range of static and dynamic checkweighers is just one aspect of the internationally leading supplier of weighing and inspection solutions: This is complemented by metal detectors and X-ray inspection solutions, which are used in many industrial sectors for quality control. "Our long-standing customer relationships confirm our work day after day: we manufacture extremely reliable products whose quality is recognised and appreciated worldwide." Says Parsons. "If we continue to listen to the needs of the customer and enrich the market with innovative products, we will continue to live up to our motto - the true measure. Our strong global sales and service teams are the heart of this approach. "


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