Minebea Intec offers an extensive portfolio of bench and floor scales. Whether you are looking for a scale for simple weighing operations or for applications such as piece counting, filling or checkweighing, you have come to the right place with the leading manufacturer and supplier of weighing and inspection technology. All scales are characterized by precise and fast measuring results, user-friendly operation and high-quality workmanship.

What types of bench and floor scales are available?

Bench and floor scales for industrial use can be divided into different categories: Complete or compact scales contain a display and evaluation unit in addition to the actual load cell or weighing system, on which the weighing results are displayed. Minebea also offers Intec weighing platforms and floor scales, which are used for weighing, but are delivered without a display unit or associated weighing electronics. These can be connected directly to a PC or PLC system via a serial interface.

Complete and compact scales can be connected to various peripheral devices or other systems via a variety of serial interfaces, RS 232, RS 485, fieldbus interfaces or Ethernet TCP/IP.

There are also scales that are suitable for special applications, such as the IU pallet scale, which can weigh pallets from 300 to 3,000 kilograms. If particularly precise measurement results are required, Minebea Intec has high-resolution scales in its portfolio, such as the IS (Industry Supreme) weighing platform, with extremely high resolutions of up to 620,000 display steps, thus giving it a greater accuracy and minimising product loss.

Floor scales with large platform areas can either be free-standing on the floor or installed in a pit. With large platform areas, floor scales are particularly suitable for applications where heavy and voluminous loads must be weighed. If the application requires the lowest possible platform height, an IF flat-bed scale is also recommended. These scales can be easily loaded with goods to be weighed, e.g. by means of a lift truck, without the need for pit installation.

All bench and floor scales are also available as legal-for-trade versions and/or as versions with Ex approval for use in hazardous areas.