The weigh price labeller WPL-S for product quality and food safety

  • One machine does all (average weight, catch weight, ERP/traceability, recipe etc.)
  • Highly configurable hygienic design in full stainless steel construction that allows thorough cleaning without any food traps. Made for all areas.
  • Equipped with BarTender® label design, ProRecipe XT®, production system, additional printers or floor scales that will offer you the comprehensive solution you were expecting.
  • Rapid remote support and Service exchange, available 24/7 and 2 years warranty (T&C's apply).



Hygienic, versatile, reliable

The weigh price labeller WPL-S is the ideal labelling solution for any challenge you face and the new standard
for a variety of purposes, which include:

  • Calculation of price based on weight
  • Calculation of best by date based on product, packaging, fresh or frozen
  • Calculation of cooking time based on product, size and weight

The weigh price labeller WPL-S stand has been hygienically designed for wash-down applications. Built in stainless steel, its open structure avoids food traps and allows the machine to dry fast. Equipped with one or four high resolution strain-gauges (depending on model), and in combination with the scale indicators Combics and Midrics, the WPL-S ensures a long life and problem-free operation. 

The new manual outer case marker and weigh price labeller is configured to suit your individual requirements following the highest hygienic standards and offering multiple software modules to be able to label, track your production line and much more.

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