Ensuring compliance in all areas of the company can be time-consuming. We understand you and offer the right solutions for different areas

Product quality and safety maintain the brand image

Compliance assurance in the confectionery industry is a multifaceted task. Minebea Intec software and technologies can support you with appropriate versatility.

  • Ensuring consistent documentation/track and trace

    Our powerful software programmes SPC@Enterprise and ProRecipe® XT provide total transparency on the production process and complete traceability, for example, for audits

  • Conformity with the regulations on pre-packaged goods

    The software SPC@Enterprise is designed to provide both statistical process control and regulatory compliance

  • Compliance with regulations and concepts such as HACCP

    Our X-ray inspection systems, metal detectors, checkweighers and static scales ensure 100 per cent performance at every critical control point


Top Compliance

Tailor-made solutions from Minebea Intec not only meet your requirements for throughput or production speed – they also guarantee compliance with the given regulations. The checkweigher Flexus Combi for example can be calibrated up to 0.1 g product weight and fulfils the Hygienic Design Guidelines of EHEDG and MID conformity according to OIML R51.


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